Rates and Taxes

The Rates & Taxes section is one of the CIR's revenue sections which contribute around 10% of the total revenue collected by the Department. Apart from VAT, the Section is responsible for the administration of inland taxes known as Licenses and Taxes, which are as follows;

The primary objective of this section is to ensure fair and effective collection of these taxes that can be achieved by:

  • Assessing and collecting correct amount of taxes as provided for by each respective tax legislations
  • Providing awareness to tax payers on their respective tax obligations
  • Notifying tax payer’s of their tax dues through letters and/or notices through news papers and other forms of media 
  • Notifying tax payers of their outstanding tax dues by issuing reminder letters
  • Providing advisories to clients on tax issues in doubts wherever necessary
  • Carrying out compliance inspection on non compliant clients
  • Continuously improving and enhancing current systems and procedures 
  • Assisting CIR executive with new policy initiatives and
  • Consulting with stake holders on new proposed tax legislation amendments 

The office is located in China Town beside the Chinese club building. It is manned by a Manager, 1 Principal Compliance Officer, 2 senior compliance Officers, 3 compliance Officers, 2 assistance compliance officers and a cashier.

A subsidiary office is also located in Luganville on the Island of Santo and is currently run man by a Senior Compliance Officer. However, under the new CIR's mini structure, the office will have an additional 2 Compliance Officers.

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