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Title Published Date Hits
Public Consultation on Income Tax Continues 19/10/16 4858
Customs Sale Notice 04/10/16 4293
SOPs 14/09/16 2925
Creation of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association 14/09/16 4733
ASYCUDA World Project bringing further reform to Customs 02/09/16 5021
Immigration primary line functions to be transferred to Customs 29/08/16 5070
Customs Conduct Bonded Warehouse Operation 10/08/16 5072
The Inland Revenue Division and Department of Finance and Treasury are implementing the COM Decision to collect debts owed to the State 10/08/16 4263
Customs Border Officers Attended Refresher Course on Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer 10/08/16 4432
Former students of Malapoa College showed their appreciations through their contributions 04/08/16 4583
The Inland Revenue Division and Department of Finance and Treasury starts implementing COM Decision to collect debts owed to the State. 28/07/16 3826
RATES AND TAXES OFFICE tightens the issue of New License and Public Vehicle Driver’s Permit 28/07/16 13104
Customs implements the WCO nCEN system 07/07/16 4284
Vanuatu participated in the WTO Advance Course on Trade Facilitation at the WTO head quarter in Geneva, Switzerland 22/06/16 3899
Customs Sale Notice 20/06/16 3480
Harmonized Commodity Coding System 08/06/16 3651
Rates and Taxes Office thank vehicle owners and emphasizes the importance of proper transfer of vehicle ownership 08/06/16 3595
Duty Free Abuses 26/05/16 5730
Customs Administrative Penalties 10/05/16 8654
ASYCUDA World Mobilisation seminar concluded in Santo 06/04/16 13284

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