Policies and Booklets

VAT Policy Statements

pdfVAT Legislation and Procedures relating to Aid Projects
pdfBuyer created Invoices
pdfInsurance Agents acting for Offshore Companies
pdfShipping Agents
pdfTourist Services supplied through Overseas Agents
pdfVAT Appointments and Deemed Supplies
pdfVAT Treatment of the Supply of a Taxable Activity as a "Going Concern"
pdfVAT Record Keeping Requirements
pdfVAT Treatment of Deposits
pdfVAT Expense claims for Motor Vehicles

English Booklets

pdfArts, Crafts and VAT
pdfClubs, Charities, Non Profit Bodies and VAT
pdfVAT Do you need to Register?
pdfFarmers and VAT
pdfImporters, Exporters and VAT
pdfRetailers and VAT
pdfSelf Employed and VAT
pdfTravel, Tourism and VAT

French Booklets

pdfLa TVA et les professions artisanales et artisques
pdfLa TVA, Les Clubs, Organisations Charitables, Et Associations a buts non Lucratifs
pdfFermier Et TVA
pdfLes Importateurs, Exportateurs et la TVA
pdfLes D├ętaillants et la TVA
pdfLe Transport, le Tourisme et la TVA

Bislama Booklets

pdfVAT, Travel mo Turism
pdfVAT Art mo Kraft
pdfVAT mo bisnis we man i bos long hemwan
pdfVAT mo olgeta ritela
pdfVAT, Olgeta klab, jariti mo non-profit bodi
pdfVAT Yu nid blong rejista o no?