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OGA’s now have access to online concession reports in AW

Under the Import Duties Act, Part 3, certain Government Authorities (OGA’s) are responsible to grant duty concession to their respective stakeholders.

It wasn’t until recently that these OGA’s now have access to leisurely view live data of importations done under their respective concessions, directly from the ASYCUDA database.

This data is particular important to allow these OGA’s with their own regulatory work as well as to assist Customs in protecting Government revenue.

Customs organised a session on 17th May 2018 to demonstrate to these OGA’s how they can easily access these data online. Furthermore, Customs took the opportunity to remind the OGA’s of the legal instruments surrounding concessions, and the processing of concessions in ASYCUDA prior and during clearance.

Not only will this initiative safeguard Government revenue, but as equally important, it would assist in facilitating the clearance of goods that are genuinely eligible for these concessions and to those who are rightly entitled to these privileges.