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We are an organization established to protect Vanuatu's border, facilitate trade and collect revenue. This section includes all the services provided by DCIR Customs Section.

(1) If a person requires the services of a Customs officer:

     (a) outside the normal working hours of Customs; or

     (b) at a Customs controlled area; or 

Customs and Inland Revenue, namely CIR, is a large and diverse department with over 90 employees spread across Vanuatu. There are offices in both Port Vila and Luganville and also in all provincial centers in Lenakel, Lakatoro, Saratamata and Sola.

The Customs and Inland Revenue (CIR) is the government agency with the job of protecting the community from potential risks arising from international trade and travel, while facilitating the legitimate movement of people and goods across the border.


Personal Concessions are provided for bona fide passengers, over 18 years of age, finally disembarking in Vanuatu. Duty free means that goods are not taxed; it is free from import duty and other taxes.

Post and Airfreight Packages

x.23 Articles arriving by post or airfreight for the exclusive personal use of the recipient where the FOB value of such articles does not exceed 10,000 Vatu may be admitted Free of duty.

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