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Penalties for technical offences

For the purposes of subsection 105(1) of the Customs Act, the administrative penalty for a person who: 

  (a) fails to communicate information to Customs is VT20,000; or

  (b) fails to deal with goods according to the Act is VT50,000; or

  (c) fails to deal with a craft according to the Act is VT40,000; or

  (d) fails to keep, retain or produce documents or records isVT40,000; or

  (e) fails to comply with a term or condition of a licence or permission issued under the Act is VT40,000; or 

  (f) fails to allow or permit unauthorised entry to a Customs controlled area is VT 20,000; or 

  (g) fails to answer questions, or in answering those questions makes a statement to a Customs officer or  authorised person which is false or misleading is VT40,000; or 

  (h) fails to lodge documents required under the Act for the correct dealing with goods is VT30,000; or

  (i) uses the Customs computerised entry processing system unique user identifier in an unauthorised manner is VT30,000.