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Customs (Prohibited Export) Regulations Order No.114 of 2014

1 Prohibited export

A person must not export acetic anhydride or any other explosive or its components.

2 Restricted exports

  (1) A person must not export the following goods unless he or she has been issued a permit or license by the relevant issuing authority:

Items Goods Authority responsible for issuing permit or license
(a) Cattle (cattle Export Act [CAP 97])  Minister of agriculture
(b)  Cocoa Beans (Cocoa Act [CAP 13])  Minister of Trade

 Commodities (Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board Act [CAP 133])

a) Cocoa

b) Copra

c) Lavender Oil

d) Tea-Tree Oil

Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board 
(d)  Cultural Items (Preservation of Sites & Artifacts Act [CAP 39]) Minister of Environment 

Currency or negotiable bearer instruments not less than the equivalent of 1,000,000 VT

(Proceeds of Crime Act [CAP 284])

 Financial Intelligence Unit
(f)  Fauna and Flora (International Trade (Fauna & Flora) Act [CAP 210])  Minister of Environment
(g)  Kava (Kava Export Fee Order No. 17 of 1999 – Plant Protection Act [CAP 239]) Vanuatu Quarantine and Inspection Services 
(i)  Logs and Flitches (Forestry Act [CAP 276])  Minister of Forestry
(m)  Meat and meat products (Cattle (Export) Act [CAP 97])  Minister of Agriculture
(o)  Sandalwood (Forestry [CAP 276])  Minister of Forestry
(p)  Turtles embalmed with preservative substance (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [CAP 78])  Minister of Enviroment

  (2) For the purposes of item (l),

kava means natural extracts, dried roots, stumps (chips), and/or basal stems from selected varieties of the plant species Piper methysticum;

logs and flitches means any timber that has not been processed into plywood, veneer, planks or any other finished products except timber from coccos nucifera or santalum austro-caledonicum.