Coronavirus free icon COVID-19 update: Vanuatu is currently Covid-free. However, international travel restrictions are in place at the border. 

There are no restrictions on the movement of freight. For more information, visit the official COVID-19 website.

Cruise Ships

Landing of goods from Cruise Ships

A few important points to take note of:

  1. One of Customs role is to facilitate trade, but at the same time, control the movement of goods and people across our borders.
  2. Customs appreciates the need of unsolicited donations to our remote communities.
  3. The Director of Customs has the discretion, under the law, to apply the laws of Customs and to approve duty exemptions.
  4. Most landing goods will therefore be accepted duty free.
  5. However Customs will deal with landing goods on a case by case basis; Customs reserves the right to reject goods to be landed, if they are prohibited, or levy duty if Customs believes that the goods are subject to duties.
  6. Finally, goods which are not listed on landing orders may not be accepted by Customs. Such goods may be seized and the passenger may be penalized.


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