COVID-19 update: Vanuatu is currently Covid-free. However, international travel restrictions are in place at the border. 

There are no restrictions on the movement of freight. For more information, visit the official COVID-19 website.


Welcome to the Vanuatu Department of Customs and Inland Revenue (DCIR) Newsroom. This section includes a wide variety of news from DCIR including media releases and publications.

Do you usually submit applications for import permits or export certificates to Biosecurity Vanuatu?

If so, you may be eligible to attend the Biosecurity SPS Module Training. Click here to download the training registration form.

Examination of cargo at import and export is a crucial part of Customs operations, both for the purpose of protecting Government revenue and our borders. Examinations can be done either at the Ports or at Traders’ premises.

To ensure goods are well accounted for under Customs control, Importers can only take custody of their imported goods provided that a Customs Release Order or a Container Pass, authorizing the release of the goods, is presented to the Cargo Handlers at our ports of entries.

As a border law enforcement agency, who also deals with ensuring compliance with trade rules and collection of duties, Vanuatu Customs has always struggled with the consistent application of relevant laws and the ease of applying compliance measures nationally to improve voluntary compliance.

Making a substantial investment in any Project of a magnitude such as that of the ASYCUDA World Project, means the Vanuatu Government needs to see immediate and tangible results of the direct benefit of its investment.

They say things move slowly with “island time” in the Pacific, however the Customs Division of the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue with its impressive track record of reform and modernization has blown this hackneyed assumption out of the water.

As part of its effort to facilitate trade, FR8 Logistics has successfully developed a proprietary software for the automatic uploading of DHL airway bills directly into ASYCUDA World, without any manual data capturing at all.

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