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Information for New and Existing Liquor License holders

The sale of liquor is a restrictive business activity, therefore any individual or company wishing to venture into that activity is required to obtain a liquor license.

Liquor license is administered under Liquor Licensing Act [CAP 52]. 


Application forms to be collected from the Inland Revenue office, Taxpayer Services Section or can be obtained on the DCIR’s website. It consist of three application forms (all of which are of the same content) that need to be filled in and forwarded to the appropriate authorities for approval BEFORE it can be lodged at the Taxpayer Services Section for processing. (Click here to view)

  1. Completed form to be submitted to Port Vila Municipality for recommendation;
  1. Application then forwarded to Police for verification;
  2. Verified forms are then sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Minister’s approval;
  3. Approved application form is then taken down to the Inland Revenue office, Taxpayer Services Section whereby the appropriate liquor licence fee is to be paid.


  1. The same process for obtaining a liquor licence applies.
  1. Applicants wanting to relocate to another location OR open another branch:
  • A new liquor licence application is to be lodged;
  • A VIPA Approval Certificate is required, if the applicant is a foreign investor.


  1. Liquor licences are non-transferrable meaning that if a new owner takes over the existing business, a new liquor licence application has to be lodged. 


This process usually takes at least a month to complete before the official liquor licence is issued.


The liquor licence fee is charged according to the different categories it falls under. (Click here to view Liquor Licence Fee Schedule)

New licences launched during the year will be charged on a pro-rata basis. For example, applicants applying for a new liquor licence in the month of June shall pay only for the remaining seven months of the year.

Liquor Licence annual fee = Licence category fee x no.of months/12

For example

Liquor licence annual fee

= Licence category fee x no. of


= VT 18, 563 x 7/12

= VT10, 828

Fees for new applications are to be paid within 30 days after approval from the Minister of Internal Affairs.


  • Licences are valid for one year and are subject to renewal on or before 31 January of the new licensing year.
  • This also applies to new liquor licences lodged after 31 January.
  • Penalty fee of 10% for new licences will be charged every month after 30days have lapsed from the date of approval by the Minister of Internal Affairs. 
  • The penalty fee period will be up to a maximum of 3 months. 
  • Payments not made within that period will lead to cancellation of the liquor licence.


  • For renewal of liquor licences, applicants are required to go through the same process as getting a new liquor licence.
  • All approved application forms for liquor licence renewals are to be submitted by 1 January of the succeeding year. 
  • Due to the lengthy process, applicants are advised to submit renewal applications to respective authorities at least 2 months BEFORE the succeeding year so that payments can be made on or before 31 January. (i.e. November of the licensing year is normally the preferred time to submit applications to respective authorities)
  • Liquor licences’ renewal fee is the same as shown in the liquor licence fee schedule.


  • A penalty fee of 10% will be charged to the liquor licence every month from the due date up to 3 months.
  • Payments not made within that period will lead to cancellation of the liquor licence.


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