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Taxes and Licensing

Taxpayer Services

The Official Inland Revenue Taxpayer Services Team

 Who are we?

The Inland Revenue Taxpayers Services Section (named previously as Rates and Taxes office) is one of the newly established DCIR's revenue sections.

Taxpayer Services Section plays an important role in maximising voluntary compliance by providing taxpayers with the information and assistance they need to enable them to meet their tax obligations.


 What do we do?

The section is responsible for the administration of Value Added Tax (VAT) and inland taxes known as Licenses and Taxes, which are as follows;

  • Lotteries licencing
  • Interactive gaming licencing



The primary objective of this section is to ensure fair and effective collection of these taxes that can be achieved by:

  • Assessing and collecting correct amount of taxes as provided for by each respective tax legislations
  • Providing awareness to tax payers on their respective tax obligations
  • Notifying taxpayers of their tax dues through reminders and/or notices through news papers and other forms of media 
  • Notifying taxpayers of their outstanding tax dues by issuing reminder letters
  • Providing advisories to clients on tax issues in doubts wherever necessary
  • Carrying out compliance inspection on non compliant clients
  • Continuously improving and enhancing current systems and procedures 
  • Assisting CIR executive with new policy initiatives and
  • Consulting with stakeholders on new proposed tax legislation amendments 


What are our objectives?

The section objective is to effectively administer the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) and all Non-Tax Revenues through use of improved systems and Procedures (good practices). In addition, to improve voluntary compliance by providing Advisories, Education, Training and Awareness so to maximize Revenue collections.


Our structure

The TPS section is manned by a manager and three team leaders with senior officers and officers. It has 3 functional units namely:

  1. Client Services Unit
  2. Education, Training and Awareness Unit
  3. Data Processing Unit




The Client Services Unit is responsible for attending to phone calls, provide counter services, manage general correspondences, assessing and collect correct amount of taxes/fees as provided for under each respective tax laws, registrations and Cancellations, issue Licences (business, Casino, Gaming, Lotteries a Driving Licences) and manage VAT Exemptions for Approved Aid Projects.



Team Leader Client Services: Mayline Melsul on tel: 33090 / VoIP 2319 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The Education, Training and Awareness Unit is responsible by providing advisories to clients on tax issues under relevant legislations, conducting public awareness, providing Internal/External Training, producing tailored information packages for industry groups and taxpayer segment, developing pamphlets and brochures, review and update Website information, issuing notices and media communications.



Team Leader Education, Training and Awareness: Andrea Shem on tel: 33090 / VoIP 2313 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Data Processing Unit is responsible for processing all tax returns and Licence Applications, managing VAT refunds, managing Accounts Maintenance Forms and continuously improve current systems.




Team Leader Data Processing: Delister Bule on tel: 33090 / VoIP 2312 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Where to find us?

The office is located in China Town beside the Chinese club building. Subsidiary offices are also located in Luganville, Lakatoro and lsangel. However, a new office will be soon open at Saratamata.

For more information please, contact us on:

Tel: +67833090 | VoIP: 2317 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or can visit us on